Divine Principle Study

exposition of divine Principle (1996)

The Divine Principle starts with God’s purpose in creating human beings. It continues through the Biblical story our Fall from grace. Followed by the redemption process, through history, by which God is restoring humanity back to the relationship and position originally intended.

Overview of the Divine Principle

Exposition of the Divine Principle book (1996)

  • Exposition of the Divine Principle (원리강론) published 1996 (pdf)
    • Read the deluxe color coded edition (published 2006) with color coded key points online at dplife.info.

      “In the deluxe color coded edition, the colors are based upon the 39th Korean edition of Wolli Kangron with colors prepared by Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu. The main ideas are shaded red, topics of second rank are shaded blue, and topics of third rank are shaded yellow. The reader can grasp the main thread of the teaching of the Divine Principle in a short time by reading only the red text. Reading the red and blue text together provides a richer framework; reading all three colors together gives a rather full exposition including many examples. To get the fullest meaning, the text must be studied in its entirety. Yet even when reading the full text, attention to the passages in red can help to clarify the thread of the argument.”

~ Excerpt from the Preface of Exposition of the Divine Principle, NY: HSAUWC, 1996.

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