Announcing Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community

Excerpt from Dr Hak Ja Han Moon’s speech, 8 May 2020

“The place where Heavenly Parent wished to manifest his love is not in heaven but on earth. The invisible Heavenly Parent desired to become one with visible and perfected human beings, through True Parents. Based on that foundation, Heavenly Parent wanted to embrace, love and raise all humankind. We have to make this dream a reality. We cannot make God wait any longer.
The days when humanity has to suffer to gain understanding have been long but [should end]. We don’t have much time. Therefore, the task I have to perform is that of showing how the citizens of Cheon Il Guk must serve and attend Heavenly Parent.
“…This country has to become heavenly Korea by attending Heavenly Parent. This nation must become one that belongs to Heaven. This nation must become Heavenly Parent’s dwelling place.
However, politicians and other citizens who ignore God’s will should not be an obstacle to his providence. Right? So, you should teach them; you should let them know the truth and the history of the providence.
“Fortunately, my autobiography has been published. Do you know how people’s hearts have changed after reading it? I received your testimonies, but I also received testimonies of ambassadors for peace and those of ordinary citizens. There should not be a single person living on earth that does not know about our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.
“That is why I’ll work with anyone whether they are in the political, religious, business or ideological realm. I am working so that everyone can come under one flag, so I am announcing Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. In English, it will be Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. So, under the great umbrella, Heavenly Parent, will be all of the various activities that we have done and all the NGOs. UPF, FFWPU, WFWP…. Everything will come under this great umbrella. And we need (a hundred and twenty percent) to testify about Heavenly Parent. Do you understand? [Yes] “

Top photo credit: IPeaceTV where there is also a full transcript the speech. (Accessed May 25, 2020)