True Peace Magazine December 2021 Issue

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Table of Contents

02 Asia Pacific is Proud of the many Providential Developments in Cambodia

04 Father Visits His Birthplace

08 Defending Freedom in Perilous Times

12 Possibilities for Cambodia

16 A Perspective on Unification

20 Global Women’s Peace Network

22 True Mother Asks Christians to “Stand Together”

25 UPF’s Primary Associations

28 The Special Trees that can be found in the HJ Heaven and Earth Cheonbo Training Center

32 The 2021 Hyojeong Cheonbo Autumn Great Works

35 A Miracle through the Cheonbo Forty-Day

37 Hyojeong Nuri a Great Gift for Young people

40 True Children’s Day

42 Pursuing Cheonbo with My Husband in the Spirit World