True Peace Magazine April 2021

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2. Sunday Service Culture of the Cheon Il Guk Settlement Era True Parents’ Messages

True Parents’ Messages

4. Peace in the Family and Peace in the World

8. May All Walk through the Open Door

11. Follow in True Parents’ Footsteps

14. The Substantial Holy Spirit Is with Us

Peace Messages

18 Declaration at the Interfaith Water Ceremony

19 On Becoming Children of God Noel Jones

20 In Pursuit of Peace Mike Pence

21 Toward a World Free of War and Hunger David Beasley

23 Confronting Disease X ’ Sarah Gilbert

25 Never Lose Hope Frederik W. de Klerk

26 We Must Face Challenges Together Mohammad Hamid Ansari

27 Let’s March Together Toward Peace Mark Phillips

28 Peace Through Tolerance, Solidarity and Respect Jorge Carlos de Almeida Fonseca

29 Troubles Remain in Our Complex World Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão

Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community’s Worship Service

31 With the Spirit of Daffodils

32 Be the First to Bloom

33 Reminders of My Hometown

34 Symbols the Joy of Love

35 True Mother’s Message at the Heavenly Chungcheong Nation’s Worship Service of Hope

36 Praise for Life-Long Loyalty

Hyojeong Sharing

37 Adjust as Circumstances Change

38 Cooperative Efforts to Reach 430 Couples

40 Heavenly Parent’s Character Is in All of Us

42 A Letter to True Mother

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