True Peace Magazine February 2021 Issue


[2021- 02] True Peace Magazine February Issue (The 1st Month of the 9th year of Cheon Il Guk)

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• 2 An Unexpected Encounter, A Changed Life Forever
• Special Feature
• 8 The Unification Movement’s Top Ten News Items from the 8th Year of Cheon Il Guk
• 4The New Future of Christianity
• 20 The Course of Religion and Global Restoration
• Peace Messages
• 23 The Bringer of Much-Needed Change
• 24 Let Us Unite Across Boundaries
• 25 Our Calling as Religious Leaders in this Age
• 26 True Love is with You
• 27Those That Do Not Gather, Scatter
• 28Our Calling is as Unifiers, Peacemakers
• 29How to Find God’s Peace in Your Heart
• 30Let Us Put Christ’s Message into Practice
• 31The Family is Central
• 32Let All Righteous People Respond to Her Call
• A Historic Moment
• 34Providential Blessing Heralds Pentecost
• Religious Lifestyle
• 42 The Grace of Holy Songs Part II
• 45 Music for Heaven and Earth