True Peace Magazine December 2020

[2020-12] True Peace Magazine December Issue (The 11 Month of the 8th year of Cheon Il Guk)

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[2020-12] True Peace Magazine December Issue (The 11 Month of the 8th year of Cheon Il Guk)


2   ARTICLE ONE: The Importance of the Cheonshimwon


4    To Realize the World of Peace

8    True Motherโ€™s Message at the Grand Cheonbo Festival

10   Unite and Carry Out Your Earthly Mission

13   Members Must Write a New Chapter in Religious History

Peace Messages

15        Societal Values are the Basis for Peace

16        Credibility and Clarity of Purpose are Vital

17        Toward Compromise and Development

19        We Are One Family

20        Peace and Development Go Hand-in-Hand

22        In Trying Times,We Need One Another

Cheon Il Guk Leaders

Congratulatory Addresses

23        Let Us Move Ahead in Unity By Wonju Jeong McDevitt

25        True Mother is Fulfilling Her Promise By Yeon-ah Moon

Acceptance Speeches

27        An Eternal, Impeccable Realm By Gi-seong Lee

28        We Are One By Eiji Tokuno

28        Absolute Commitment By Ki-hoon Kim

28        On Your Foundation in Africa By Bakary Camara

29        We Will Awaken the World By Kathy Rigney

30        Wishing to Ease Your Burden By Katsumi Otsuka

30        You Have Our Full Support By Robert Kittel

31        To Realize Vision 2027 By Chang-shik Yang

32        One United Army for God and True Parents By Jin-tae Joo

32        Our Firm Resolve By Po-guk Hwang

33        Serving in a Precious Area By Gyeong-deuk Yu

34        We Must Act Out of Love By Sang-jae Lee

34        Making Dreams Come True By Young-bae Park

35        To the Front Lines! By Sang-Il Bang

36        A Gateway to World Salvation By Chung-sik Yong

36        I Will Strive to Succeed By Jean Pierre Kadima Mundadi

37        We Are Grateful to Continue On By Michael Balcomb

37        Spreading Cheon Il Guk By Sang-seok Kim

38        New Challenges By Dong-woo Kim

38        I Am Honored by Your Trust By Demian Dunkley

39        So All Are Citizens of Heaven By Hori Masaichi

Cheonbo testimony

40        A Home as the Center of Ministry

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