New Name New Era

Whilst Reverend and Mrs. Moon have established and inspired hundreds of non-profit, non-government organisations around the world, the umbrella organisation has been the one associated with the community of believers who perceive this couple as the True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind. We call God “Heavenly Parent” because it underpins our understanding of who God is. God is love. God created humankind in his image – “male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27, NRSV) . So we perceive God as our heavenly father and heavenly mother.

When True Parents changed the name of our umbrella organisation from Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (colloquially known as Unification Church) to Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in 1996, it reflected how our community of blessed families had evolved. From 1960 until 1992, only church members participated in the Unifications Church’s Holy Wedding ceremonies.

In 1992 it opened up to include non-members, especially family and friends of members and previously married couples renewing their vows. In April, True Parents officiated at the first Unification Church Holy Wedding ceremony for non-members – forty Muslim couples sent by the Grand Mufti of Syria, Sheikh Ahmed Kuftaro.

Three hundred and sixty thousand couples had received the True Parent’s mariage blessing, mostly via satellite, around the world, centered on a ceremony offciated by True Parents at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on 25 August 1995.

So the name change in 1996 reflected an evolving into a new era for our umbrella organisation.

The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSAUWC) was founded on 1 May, 1954 at Cheongpa Dong, Seoul, Korea.

On July 30, 1996, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) was established at a ceremony hosted by True Parents in Washington, DC, USA.

“Because of the first historical manifestation of True Parents in this world, the Unification Church could bring the age of FFWPU to start the great human family movement. Before coming this era, there was the Unification of World Christianity era and it was emphasized the individual indemnity and liberation. But, now all nations welcome God and True Parents,” according to the Sunhak Institute of History (2019).

True Mother, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, proclaimed The Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community (Hanŭl Pumonim Sŏnghoe 하늘부모님성회) on 8 May 2020.

I believe this second name change also reflects an evolving into a new era. We may not understand Mrs. Moon’s reasoning behind it. My own feeling is that it’s a good thing and will be better understood by future generations.

It is our hope that this web site helps the reader to gain such an understanding. It is my prayer that we grow in love for God and each other and that the content here will help.

~ Gerard Roberts, FFWPU Adelaide

Top photo credit: Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, at the Briefing Session to Report the Victory of True Parents’ Centenary and Sixtieth Holy Wedding Anniversary on February 18, 2020 in the Crystal Ballroom of Lotte Hotel World in Seoul, Korea., accessed 22 May, 2020.